I'm not getting "Speed" as a condition in my animator

2022.01.26 18:29 Ya_Yeeted I'm not getting "Speed" as a condition in my animator

So I'm trying to learn Unity with C# and I'm really embarrassed I couldn't follow a tutorial like it showed , and i figured I'd ask here for help.
I'm trying to get my character to move and change his look while he's moving.
like it's shown in this video. But for some reason I do not get the condition "Speed" as the lovely guy in the tutorial gets at 18:03. Here's my code. I hope I'm not annoying and wasting someone's time here, It's my first time doing stuff like this!
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2022.01.26 18:29 JonEBombadil Driving through the Texas Panhandle to DFW. Took a detour through Medicine Mound,Tx. (the only 3 hills you can see on 287 in that area 😂😂). It’s a ghost town.

Driving through the Texas Panhandle to DFW. Took a detour through Medicine Mound,Tx. (the only 3 hills you can see on 287 in that area 😂😂). It’s a ghost town. submitted by JonEBombadil to GXOR [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 18:29 tragicchampion Chased by mysterious drone flying with me as I drive. Happens quite more often than I would like to know ... What would you do if you were me?

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2022.01.26 18:29 Dissquared First Series Oysterquartz from my GF...

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2022.01.26 18:29 JessicaPopel7 Did people who bought 2 tickets get 2 M&G?

Just curious. (:
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2022.01.26 18:29 Crothius Serious question - where are our taxes ACTUALLY going?

I'm not so ignorant as to believe that the government doesn't serve basic functions across the board that we take for granted, but I'm also aware that the amount that they are providing the country does not equate the amount of money they are being given every year. Spending $5 billion each year on building tanks that are just left to rot out in a field while literally millions of people go hungry in the streets just seems like maybe there should be some kind of correction made across the board???
Since the government is clearly not fulfilling its duty to the people, what would happen if everybody in this movement collectively agreed to not pay taxes this year? Why are they entitled to our money if they don't use it to our collective interest?
The public gives the government trillions of dollars in taxes every year but there doesn't seem to be anything going towards public interests. At what point do you have to accept that the government, seemingly as a whole, has just been like... a bad investment?
If you paid the amount we pay in taxes towards a Gofundme with half as many promises and twice as many accomplishments as the government, you'd STILL be furious and demand your money back for not upholding their part of the deal.
Imagine how much money you would be saving each week/month/year if you weren't paying taxes on every single transaction. Holy shit we might actually be able to afford homes in this fucked up economy!
As it stands, we're lucky to have food to eat and a roof over our heads at all. Nobody should have to put 60+% of their income towards housing. Speaking from the perspective of a double-income-no-kids household, I don't understand how anybody can afford to live in this modern age, especially with kids, mortgages, etc. It's all so fucking hopeless...
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2022.01.26 18:29 kmmr93 Another Hike - Spellmannsfjellet (The Fiddlers Mountain)

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2022.01.26 18:29 derpyderpy22 30+ Year Old Virgins, What Hasn't it Happened Yet For You?

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2022.01.26 18:29 PavelV99 $BSGG Airdrop in 24h -DISCUSSION-

As the strategy of Wonderland is moving from high apy and rebases to revenue share and airdrops, let's discuss the 1st airdrop coming as well as future ones, and revenue share rumors.
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2022.01.26 18:29 TheGhostPizza1234 Foubd this o Twitter

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2022.01.26 18:29 samarium_poisoning Morrigan is here to help while I charge the car.

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2022.01.26 18:29 dtownrod Showing off my big tits in a short skirt and sheer white top

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2022.01.26 18:29 ScottGruber-VA Resolved: Antivaxxers have no place in a progressive populist movement

Over the past year, an unfortunate number of leftists and progressives have been wedged to the right on key issues - siding with white supremacist Kyle Rittenhouse, for example, and adopting gender-critical views on trans people. The biggest wedge issue has been vaccines, which has apparently broken some normally-sensible brains.
People who should know better are uncritically parroting the work of grifting frauds like Robert Malone and RFK Jr and Andrew Wakefield. Usually they start as “I’m pro-vax but anti-mandate,” but after a short trip down the rabbit hole they’re against not only vaccines but all public health interventions. It’s common to see alleged leftists now siding with right-wing libertarians and the chamber of commerce - calling for full reopening, removal of all health mandates, and downplaying the danger of the COVID pandemic.
This is an unacceptable development that displays utter contempt for disabled and immunocompromised people, and is completely unsupported by legitimate science.
Antivaxxers are not populist, are not progressive, and are not welcome here.
How the Anti-Vax Movement Is Taking Over the Right
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2022.01.26 18:29 GlitteringBee6962 [Eyenor] NFT Giveaway ☄️Drop address ☄️ Giving away 10 examples

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2022.01.26 18:29 COCKHAMPTON_ US Foreign Policy advisors meet with POTUS after the military accidentally recruited too many Lana stans (June 2024, colorized)

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2022.01.26 18:29 eggberta9000 Joe rogan

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2022.01.26 18:29 Manage2Damage Missing coins

Hi everyone. I haven't login in my account for the last month or so. Today I logged in and basically everything is reset. My total balance is 0 even though I won KDA and SOV. Transaction history and ordetrade history wiped out. Everything is reset. I have the account connected to 3Commas and from over there I can see that the coins are still in my account, but from the website or the app, it says that I own total 0. Does anyone have an idea how I can fix this? 🙏🙏
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2022.01.26 18:29 Artistic_Engine_2969 [F23] Tried out green liner for a change

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2022.01.26 18:29 BloodyBloodshot I have a question. Do you think the CPL can eclipse the CFL in the long term?

I actually think the league has a good shot. The CFL comes off as a terribly ran league.
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2022.01.26 18:29 lolroads 011d vs the world?

Currently on the market for a new case for my build. Been out of the game for a good decade or so and was thinking of purchasing the 011d or is there something else I should be looking at? The Corsair 5000 series also looks nice. Any other recommendations?
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2022.01.26 18:29 zek_997 A classic

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2022.01.26 18:29 ninelives1 Only old school folks will recognize this.

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2022.01.26 18:29 flyingdutchman7588 Cannot connect one laptop remotely to HA...all other laptops can connect

So my main laptop cannot connect remotely to Home Assistant. I am not using Nabu Casa but duckdns. When I am at home, I can connect to my IP address but cannot connect using my duckdns link.
I tested on another laptop and a third computer and they were all able to log on remotely and through the IP route.
How do I go about fixing this laptop? It is my main laptop and therefore, I can only connect to it when I am at home.
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2022.01.26 18:29 AgreeableAd801 Drowning

I see you drowning I see you drowning, but I’m not here to help Call me ruthless Heartless I see you drowning but I’m more worried about myself Pain in your eyes bleeds past a translucent smile Blood on my lips Falling from our last kiss I see you drowning stuck in this hell I need you drowning I’m the water in which you fell
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2022.01.26 18:29 Due-Percentage69 This Requires Intellect

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