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2022.01.26 16:33 jackmaam Doctor Drip

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2022.01.26 16:33 Fire_And_Blood_7 Small bump in my arm among many other issues, some neurological, what is happening?

Hi all,
So this may be longer but I just want to get ideas or answers as to what is going on, as it's consuming my life. I have been the doctor over and over, and the neurologist. Before this, I was never hypochondriac type person. I'll start with the story of when this started and then describe the symptoms. Below is the info:
M27, 5'10", 180lbs, white, non-smoker, no drugs, social drinking, no prescription medications, no medical history, no family medical history, relatively healthy individual, used to be more active before this started.
This started this the first week of October of 2021 (so about 4 months). I had a bachelor party and the week before I started to feel sick. Not cold sick, but nauseous and very fatigued, and throwing up every now and then. I got a COVID tested multiple times seeing as I had a trip and it was neg. Flu tested, neg. By the day I was leaving for my flight I felt pretty much better though. So I though stomach bug probably, but still was going to take it easy while away. At the bach party, the first night I noticed I had this incredible headache that would not go away. I didn't drink much due to this. The second day, I felt weird, not hungover, but weird. Towards later in the day I had this "tremor" (my friend said I was having a panic attack, this was not that), my body like convulsed, but I was in control still, my face hands and feet went numb with tingling/pins and needles. It lasted for a few minutes. After, my legs and feet were numb and felt like I had weights strapped to them, and my arms continuously stayed tingling from my elbow to my ring and pinky finger (only that side of my arm). I played it off as I was fine and went out as usual. At the end of the night when trying to go to bed, I was about to fall asleep when I noticed a "rain drop" feeling hit my arm (I was not outside or near water). I went to the bathroom and where that "rain drop" feeling hit there was now a small little bump on the underside of my arm. Like a small calcium deposit type bump inside the skin, but I felt it pop. The rest of the trip my legs felt like weights were tied to them and the tingling in the arms continued. When I got back I noticed the heavy legs went away, but not the tingling that stayed. However, I noticed I was having trouble walking on my left side, it kept cramping and getting charlie horses, and shooting pains, and numb, as well as those feelings in my left arm. In addition, I noticed I was getting stabbing pains in my heart accompanied by shortness of breath and palpitations and tenderness on my left chest, this would come and go when I overly stressed myself, or sometimes just before bed.
When I got back I went to the doctor. She didn't know what the bump in the arm was. But wrote the rest off as anxiety. Since then here are the symptoms that have come about (some have gone away completely, some come and go randomly or with specific stressors, and some are consistent):
-the consistent tingling in my arms went away, however I get random tingling in numbness that lasts a short time out of the blue. I noticed the areas of my ulnar nerves are weaker (pinky ring finger, bottom half of arm). I'm able to workout to help that though so it's not a permanent weakness, but they did get extremely weak. The difficulty walking on my left side went away.
-the stabbing heart pain and palpitations and tenderness comes and goes with stressors (if I go out with friends and drink the next day or two I'll experience it, sometimes for more than 2 days; or if I go for 2 nights with little sleep, or if I workout too hard it will come after the workout). Recently there's no more shortness of breath, thankfully.
-Overly fatigued, to the point I can hardly workout. And after everytime I workout I get a small cold for a few days after
-to add to the fatigue, I am consistently always tired even when I get sleep (I can still function but just feel like crap) and you can see it in my eyes. My eye bags look like I'm 80+ yo to the point my friends are always commenting "You look really tired!"
-the underside of my arms get mottled skin when I workout, or other random times
-Random bouts of blurry vision, or seeing spots, or things obstructing vision in my left eye
-Random bouts of my jaw locking and sore and being difficult to chew and one of the sides burning/stinging.
-Random short moments where my taste and smell are diminished (doesn't have to be together), this can last minutes to hours.
-for about a while I got these horrible stabbing pains everywhere that would come at random, just like someone was stabbing me in my arm, elbow, knee, calf, shoulder (this is when I was referred to a Neuro, and prescribed Cymbalta)
-this is where everything got worse, Cymbalta was horrible and made neuro symptoms sky rocket. The shooting pains went away (now I'll just get one randomly here or there). I began getting fasciculations everywhere, RLS, excessive yawning, myoclonus jerks, a *more* sore jaw, insomnia, horse voice and scratchy speaking, and terrible anxiety. I stayed on it 3 weeks before I said "fuck this" and stopped cold turkey.
-Since the Cymbalta the symptoms that have continued (randomly or consistently) everything above the cymbalta. Random tingling/pins and needles/ the occassional "rain drop", random pains, random weakness, random blurred vision, random bouts of TMJ. 24/7 fatigue, and that bump in my arm is permanent. Then consistently (as in they consistently happen with certain events, not 24/7 though) left chest or heart pain after stressors, mottled skin after stressors, getting sick easily after certain stressors.
-Then post Cymbalta, I still have fasciculations everywhere, randomly and not 24/7, some myoclonus jerks. I'm 2 months out from this and it's still happening, it seems it's getting better but then I'll go for a run or do some pushups and get fasciculations like crazy all over my legs or arms.
-Lastly, my biggest fear (and I don't know if this is from the cymbalta or before, but I only noticed after Cymbalta because I don't look at my mouth that often), tongue fasciculations, and lip/face tremors when I use my fascial muscles (to the point that it can be a work out to speak often). The tongue thing has scared me so bad that I've been convinced I have ALS since, to the point I feel/hear myself slurring or mispronouncing words (no one else hears it though). In this time my left side of my tongue has also started to show tongue fissures that I didn't have before.
So since seeing doctors and the Neuro I've had these tests done with the following results:
-CBC w Auto Diff (directly after bachelor party): Normal with slightly elevated Neutrophils and Monocytes (Doctor said not past the threshold for concern, 66% N and 10.4% M)
-Thyroid: Normal
-Metabolic Panel (electrolytes): Normal
-Thyroid: Normal
-Bilirubin Direct: Normal
-Lipase: Normal
-B12: Normal
-C-Reactive: Normal
-ESR: Normal
-ECG 12-Lead: Normal
-Chest X-ray: Normal
-Ambulatory Cardiac Monitor: Normal
-EMG of left side of body: Normal
-MRI w/wout contract: Normal
At this point the doctors have wrote it off as mostly anxiety. The Neuro thinks maybe I caught a virus (he said maybe something like Mono) back in October that triggered some neurological effects, and the Cymbalta also caused neurological effects. But nothing is showing anything of concern, yet my symptoms are not going away, and it's been 4months. I know my anxiety is driving my overly caring about it, but the symptoms are real, this bump is real in my arm, the fasciculations are visible and real, the pain is real, the blurred vision is real. It's hard not to feel anxious when a workout causes you to not only get sick, but have stabbing heart pains for 2 days. Or you can't fall asleep because you muscles are twitching. Or you face and tongue need a break from talking for a very short time.
I just want my life back, pre-October 2021, and the doctors have no clue. If you look at my profile posts this has had a major impact on my life. Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions here would be more than appreciated. And I also want to know what the fuck this bump in my arm is.
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2022.01.26 16:33 wisi_eu LA SAGA PANHARD [Documentaire Histoire automobile de Bernard Saint Jacques]

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2022.01.26 16:33 FlowMeTheMoney Men’s Barbershop Downtown Ottawa

I’m wondering which barbershop and which barber specifically you guys go to for a nice fresh fade in downtown Ottawa.
My go-to is the GOAT Barbershop (not in downtown) but it’s a bit far for me now. I’ve also been to Khalil’s Barbershop but I find Sam to be too full of himself for a mediocre haircut that isn’t even that great.
I want someplace that takes the time to give a quality haircut and listen to the client. Thank you!
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2022.01.26 16:33 anmno [25/M] - Looking for Something Equally Sincere, Sensual, Deeply Passionate, and Ideally Long Term

The title says it all, but the details are equally, if not more, important. And be prepared, for this will be long, as I only care to give it my best shot. But before I get into my own hopes, needs, and desires, I believe a brief description is due to make sure I am worth it for you. I ask that you forgive the dryness in the beginning, as I am only trying to be concise - I really can be rather endearing and flirtatious.
Physically, I am quite attractive. Both tall (over 6ft) and fit. I even use to model. In terms of demeanor, I have been described as charismatic, forthright, romantic, and immensely passionate. Personality wise, I can only really describe myself as earnest and potent, as I can range from being completely solemn and stoic to having an almost childlike jubilance and wonder, depending on the circumstance. Regardless, it is a deep zest for life which defines me most, as well as my unwavering loyalty (whether that be to my partner, my friends, or the task at hand). And though I am very much in-tune with my femininity, I am predominantly masculine in terms of how my actions manifest. Intellectually, I am very well-read, as I am a voracious auto-didact, and have studied/am studying everything from history, art and philosophy, to religion, economics, psychology and political theory. Essentially, any rock under the sun is fair game to me, as long as it is insightful and useful. If you couldn't gather by now, I am insatiably curious. As such, I am sure there's at least something - if not many things - I can relate to with anyone.
Despite my age, I am already settled in on my career, and am very stable. I am also fortunate enough to have turned my passions into a means of sustenance, so there is nothing really which I do that I do not want to. The liberty that my situation grants also affords me the opportunity to travel with ease, have I meet the right type of woman. In addition to all of this, I am saving up my resources to get many acres of land, as I wish to homestead and live as self-sufficient as I can. With that being said, I am far from being an urbanite (despite being very well-cultured), and almost all of my entertainment/interests are satiated by my various fields of focus and self-directed projects. I don't care for social media in anyway, and I am not fond of most consumerist activities. This is by no means to suggest that I am a recluse, but it is only to say that I appreciate almost solely the things in life which cannot be bought.
Admittedly, I am trying to be as vague as I can here as to caste the widest possible net, so too not give any wrong impression. Citing various thinkers, schools of thought, or values would possibly do good, but my takeaway from all of my interests are very idiosyncratic, and so it would probably mislead more than anything else. For instance, I am very into politics, but am far from being one-sided or explicitly politically-motivated; I am an artist myself, but hardly like engaging with the art-world, so too am I very practical; I am (almost severely) ambitious, but I do not like careerism; I am into what some would consider "kink", but I do not really like the bdsm community nor the typical ideas associated with it; I am into a sense of mysticism, but am the furthest from orthodox in my views. In other words: I am honestly my own man, who has his own judgments, aspirations, and standards, and I only seek to become better each and every day. Needless to say, I am confident in myself and my chosen path, and this comes with all its pros and all its cons. I only say "cons" because some people feel very uneasy with such steadfastness, and some people like to wander aimlessly - neither of things I really care to entertain; let us wander if we wish, but wander purposefully.
Now, with all of this said, I feel even still that I have barely made a solid enough introduction! However, it will have to do, as this is getting long enough and I have to speak about the woman who I am looking for. Here it goes...
Hopefully I have made this clear by now, but I am looking for someone both genuine and mature. Health and exercise are important. Age is mostly irrelevant for me; you can be 18 or in your early 30's. As far as looks: I have no preference for conventional beauty, but I certainly have a preference for beauty, period. Of course, a beautiful woman is much more than her face or body; it is also her candor and cadence which matters significantly, as well as her mind and her humor. Ideally, I would love for her to be someone equally driven, but I also understand that people have their differing aptitudes. She should need a heavy heart, and a generous spirit. All of this may seem idealistic, but this is only because I am looking for a woman to also mother my children to come. I am not in a rush for this, but noting that is important; I wish for a family, and I wish for a wife. Furthermore, I need her to be absolutely supportive, and know that I am there for her as well. Love is too important to waste it on jealously or apathy, and life is too important to love without reservation.
I do not care if she is an artist or scientist, atheist or religious, traditional or libertine. I care that she is true, and I care that she wants to commit herself to someone, and she wants someone committed to her in return. Beyond all of this, I also care deeply about sensuality and pleasure. My libido is quite high, as well as my need for visceral - even carnal - connection with the one I love. Once more, beauty and attraction are very important to me.
I could go on and on, but I feel this is a proper enough "throw of the gauntlet" for now, and anything beyond this should be discussed one on one. Of course, any questions or particularities I would be more than happy to answer.
(I almost wish to apologize for how heavy-handed and heart-on-the-sleeve this all is, but I would rather this than the many artificialities which could take its place. The last of what I have to say is this: do not feel like you need to be perfect to reach out to me. That is far from what I am looking for. Mainly, I am just trying to weed out those who aren't sincere. And, as an aside, I am not necessarily looking for monogamy - I am theoretically open to another type of arrangement, it just seems that monogamy is the most practical.)
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2022.01.26 16:33 jonathan730m Player Ratings Survey Results: Atlético de Madrid vs Valencia CF

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2022.01.26 16:33 MaKi1972 GT40 PMS circuit

Does anyone if you own a GT40 battery pack and would be willing to provide me with some high res pictures of the PMS board? I'm trying to reverse engineer the circuit for a DIY project but from the screenshots i took off a video, the markings on the ICs aren't visible. It would be great if someone could take some close up pictures of the ICs and maybe even the resistors. Thanks a lot!
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2022.01.26 16:33 urgilog How does binge drinking as a teenager affect adulthood intelligence?

I‘m really worried about my drinking behavior back when I was 14-18 years old. I would get drunk regularly with friends, once every month on average. I remember blacking out ~3 times in total from too much alcohol during those years.
I‘m extremely worried about how this affected my intelligence today. I am 24 and fairly behind in life. I‘m struggling with academic performance and have a hard time focusing on my study materials. I genuinely feel so dumb and immature. Fortunately I stopped drinking when I was around age 19 but I’m worried the damage is done.
Do you know of someone with the same history who still turned out fine?
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2022.01.26 16:33 Primary-History-6103 Hylian shield weapon modifier

I've defeated all divine beast plus dark ganon. There's 2,000 points right there. I've killed atleast 1 gold lynel +120. Killed atleast 5 silver moblins +175. Killed atleast one molduga +50. Killed at least 4 guardian stalkers +200. Killed atleast 3 blue hinox +75. Killed atleast 4 electric lizalfos +80. How many do I need to a yellow modifier on the hylian shield. Still haven't got a blue one yet
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2022.01.26 16:33 BreakThroughwmt Recovering from food addiction

RECOVERY FROM ADDICTION: WANTING AND LIKING There’s a significant difference between “wanting” and liking something but too often these concepts are used interchangeably. To be clear, there are separate “wanting” and liking neural pathways in the brain. So why is this important for us to understand? For the purpose of this chapter “wanting” is defined as desire (mesolimbic incentive salience). The “wanting” pathways in our brain are driven by the powerful mesolimbic dopamine system which motivates us to obtain and consume what we “want” even when we know it may be an unhealthy choice. Cues and situations become able to trigger urges that motivate us to obtain and consume our “wants”. The intensity of the triggered urge or desire depends on the cues reward association and the state of our dopamine related brain systems.
Can you recall a recent incident when “wanting” overrode your best intentions?
WANT When we see (or smell) french fries most of us experience a sudden urge to eat them – especially when they’re on someone else’s plate. Why? Because if you’re anything like me…they’re experiencing pleasure that’s rightfully mine! We reach across the table because we feel like we’re missing out. Or are we? Let’s separate “want/desire” from like. To retrain our brain to pay attention to “like” we have to explore our “wants” with some consistent, conscientious effort. In short, “likes” have to become more important to us than “wants”.
LIKE So most of us “like” fitting into our clothes. We would recoil at the thought of drinking vegetable oil and probably refuse to eat a raw potato. If I think about what fries actually are, my “want” diminishes rapidly. If I take the time to separate unconscious stimulus driven “want” from what I like…I can leave the fries alone. The same thing is true of cocaine and alcohol. Most of us would quickly turn away from the smell of high powered solvents but this smell is a motivational cue that triggers the desire to use for the person who has enjoyed the stimulant reward of cocaine. Similarly we learn to “want” alcohol based on what it does in our brain (and train ourselves to tolerate the taste).
WANT MOTIVATES RELAPSE For anyone suffering with an addiction, no matter what the substance of choice, state dependent changes in dopamine will amplify the desire to consume. So for us that means that stress, depression, and other changes in the brain activity will motivate us toward relapse. If we see or are presented with the opportunity to consume (or use) it’s less likely we’ll abstain. For some people, situations are as triggering as actual substances. Places (like sports bars) become associated with the satisfaction of “wants”. That’s why in early recovery it may be best to avoid the places and situations where we used to consume or use.
HOTSPOTS The “liking: system is anatomically a much smaller system of interactive hedonic(feel good) hotspots. These hot spots (less than a cubic centimeter) are nested within structures in the brain. They exist in the prefrontal cortex, orbitofrontal and insula regions – parts of the brain that code sensory pleasures. It stands to reason that our feelings of intense pleasure may be less frequent and shorter in duration simply because this system is smaller. So advertising efforts aside, it’s not realistic for us to think that we can sustain intense feelings of pleasure. The important thing to remember is that dopamine neural activity affects our desire but not our experience of pleasure.
What can you do to rethink “wants”?
Are there places you may need to avoid for a while?
Identify your healthy “likes”
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2022.01.26 16:33 f4irytal3s I'm finally getting answers and I couldn't be happier or more fearful at the same time

Hello, For context, I have been going to doctor after doctor for a wide array of worrisome symptoms that weren't linking to anything or following any neurological path (numbness in my right leg that would literally be like im paralyzed for a few minutes- I'd like collapse my leg and at first I didn't think it was much but it become so much scarier, swollen eyes without redness that I thought was sinuses at first, but wasn't, blurry vision, dizziness, joint pain, a burning sensation in my chest, heavy breathing, etc). The worst part? The doctors told me it was all anxiety and would literally yell at me for not being able to properly explain my symptoms. Mind you I'm 16 and I suffer from communication problems. I was finally tested for an autoimmune disease and the results came back positive. This was recent, so I haven't been to a rheumatologist yet to discuss the results. On the bright side, I had an MRI done because of all this and my MRI found cysts in my thyroid and ovary (of course that's another story of bs from my doctors because the next week I'd go for an ultrasound and they'd say I don't have a cyst...). Anyways, now I'm getting the help I need and I'm so relieved. I knew I wasn't crazy and that this wasn't in my mind, the doctors just would not listen. Thank you for reading.
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2022.01.26 16:33 gay-owl i did it

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2022.01.26 16:33 ContentForager2 Spotted the snowy owl today and I didn't even have to crowd around with the large group near the Monona Terrace (/r/madisonwi)

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2022.01.26 16:33 Quirky_Evening7848 For Those in Cali 🤷🏻‍♂️

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2022.01.26 16:33 Vulpinen Should I ask for a second chance?

I recently had an interview with my dream university a couple of days ago. The interview was divided into two parts, one general one, and one technical one. I feel like I did pretty well at the general part, but not so well at the technical part. I was not able to answer all the questions (a little less than half). Is it a good idea to present my case and ask for a second interview? With my case being that I was nervous since it was my first time doing anything like that, and that was very early (because of timezones). I personally know all the technical questions, but I botched it at the interview. Should I ask for a second chance at an interview? What would be the cons?
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2022.01.26 16:33 __Quack Too Close for Duck's Comfort

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2022.01.26 16:33 assagitaz TH Moy - Before the Storm [Vitioh]

Publisher: Vitioh
Out Date: 2022-01-06
Quality: MP3 13.11 Mb / AIFF 57.51 Mb
Genre: Progressive House
TH Moy - Before the Storm / (Key Cm, BPM 120, Length 5:26)​
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2022.01.26 16:33 DementedFrosty A New Racer - Jak II - #21

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2022.01.26 16:33 jimstr Convoi de la liberté: vos prédictions?

je suis un peu hors de la boucle, mais je me demande bien quand même qu'est-ce qui va arriver avec ce mouvement!
il semblerait que même des camions en provenance des états-unis seraient en route vers les douanes pour les bloquer!?
quel est votre opinion là-dessus? et/ou prédictions de comment le tout va se dérouler?
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2022.01.26 16:33 No-Customer-7737 Ps Players only: "Copying update file"

Whyyyy do I have to basically install the entire game every time that there is an update?
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2022.01.26 16:33 scoobybackwodd [FREE] Doe Boy x YG Type Beat - "FLYING DUTCHMAN" [prod. $cooBY BackWodd ] Hard Type Beat 2022

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2022.01.26 16:33 Mauosalem هدف فوز مصر علي المنتخب الافواري . شكرا يا ابوجبل

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2022.01.26 16:33 Necessary_News_8644 CC debt and stressed tf out

So, i’m 21 with a credit card limit of 6500. I got my credit card when i turned 19 and never had any issues paying it off fully every month, grew great credit for myself, and a growing limit..until about 2 months ago. My boyfriend and I are expecting our first baby in 3 months, we moved to alberta from bc 3 months ago. Before we moved i had to take off 3 weeks for a surgery, which ate into my savings, then we moved, ate up more of my savings, i started a new job here with little hours to start, and now that i’ve been off work for a month (doctor doesn’t want me working due to pregnancy stuff) my savings are gone,i have enough to pay rent for february, and my credit card is sitting at over 6K. im currently waiting for my EI sickness claim to be approved, hopefully that’s any day now. I’m so stressed out i feel like i could burst into flames, and so disappointed in myself that i let it get this bad. I know the charges on my card are bills, moving expenses, groceries, and 90% of things i couldn’t have avoided paying for… but i’m hating myself. I don’t know what i’m looking for here because obviously the solution is to stop using the card and put as much as i can on it every month. My boyfriend is beyond supportive in every way, but EI and then maternity leave only gets me so far when i’m using to being financially responsible and decently stable… maybe someone can offer some insight, i just want it to stop feeling like an elephant is sitting on my chest.
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2022.01.26 16:33 parkstar86 Repost this somewhere if you pledge the same! @News4AChange

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2022.01.26 16:33 Arnadus [ICE] Decentral Games ICE. Price 🔥 +2.02% in 15 minutes

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