Feeling confident

2021.11.28 23:47 myromunya Feeling confident

One day at a time, but damn it feels good not dealing with withdrawals, anxiety, depression, loneliness.. all those negative shameful emotions associated with drinking.
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2021.11.28 23:47 themariocrafter Plot twist: zardy actually wants to sell her clothes to get money.

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2021.11.28 23:47 SNPS_Hockey_Cards My Gabriel Dumont collection.

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2021.11.28 23:47 ogandou Trying to get good with the Garand: can I get some advice?

I usually play Support, mostly using the MG42, so to try to spice things up I thought I'd try to practice using the Garand. I was hoping I could get some advice from people who are good with it.
What I found using the MG42 is that you can't just run around too much, because it's complete shit when firing from the hip, so you have to be careful getting into a good position and go prone to have a good chance at overcoming enemies, especially when attacking in breakthrough trying to cap a flag. It's much easier when playing defense on breakthrough.
The Garand is similar since - at least IMHO - I am not good enough to stand any chance on a 1 on 1 against someone with an SMG, I always get melted down before I can do anything. So, Garand players, what are your tactics to overcome the lower rate of fire of the rifle?
On the flip side, I really love having the mines playing as an assault. I can usually get several kills with those when protecting a flag...
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2021.11.28 23:47 Ivy_BlueLan “Want some?” Ei fan art by me!

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2021.11.28 23:47 Connor4Real420 Regirock - 7525 0485 7860

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2021.11.28 23:47 Phill1325 Help - Symbiosis

If someone could help me, I would appreciate it. I’m on the symbiosis quest on Mustafar and I can’t seem to get the quest to update when throwing the test tubes into the lava. Have ran up and down the shore and can’t get it to update. I’ve used the waypoint listed on SWG legends wiki so far. Thanks in advance, everyone.
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2021.11.28 23:47 Deathcommand The state of Julianna games on PC.

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2021.11.28 23:47 RABlackAuthor Larson and Elliot at the Turkey Night Grand Prix, Ventura CA

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2021.11.28 23:47 Snaccaf Meet Apollo hes coming home with me on tuesday but I love him so much

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2021.11.28 23:47 Fitcher901 [USA-CT] [H] Cash, PayPal. [W] 3060ti, 6600xt, 2060 Super, 1080, 1080ti

I am looking for anything midrange basically, but I only have $550 so I’m posting to see if any one is willing to sell a little under market value to help a fellow gamer out.
I have just built a whole PC except for GPU and desperate to find something within my budget.
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2021.11.28 23:47 Oryxhasnonuts I’m 38, been gaming now for exactly 31 years and am enjoying it now for than I ever have. Any other “mature” games out there in this situation and does the future of the tech involved give you joy or pause?

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2021.11.28 23:47 Exciting-Patience648 gametoons stop animating fighting in rap it's bad

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2021.11.28 23:47 sudsan Discovery Scan stuck in a pending state

Hi All,
Windows Discovery scan has been stuck for a week. I've tried to restart the CPM scanner service on the CPM server but no luck. Any suggestions?. Please help
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2021.11.28 23:47 aerozona_dude M4 feed ramp good to go?

So I ordered an Aero Precision upper and it says it has a built in m4 feed ramp…I’m planning on using Macon armory 9mm barrel….will this be an issue? Should I cancel my order? Thanks in advanced
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2021.11.28 23:47 Jinsei39 [USA-OH] [H] PayPal, Local Cash, 4gb GPUs [W] Any Black RTX 3060

Hey everyone,

For the TL,DRers;
I am looking for a black 3060 of any kind, I am trying to find one
around $500, but I understand some MSRP for higher and will try my
best to account for that in my offer.

Please read below if you care to know more about where it's going.

I know, I know. You all see me on here all the time wheeling and dealing parts and GPUs. How in the hell cannot I not manage to get the easiest to obtain 3000 series card?
Listen, I don't know either.
What I am going to say is a disclaimer for transparency, not a reach for sympathy: For those of you who've interacted with or done business with me, you probably know that I buy, sell and trade GPUs all the time. I do mine as a very small hobby, but I also do builds for friends/people on the side from my real job. I want to be transparent, because I understand how it looks when someone comes on here with a history of all this buying/selling/trading a gpu with a strict budget, but this is legitimately for a friend I am doing a build for. Willing to provide proof, and I'll even give you a timestamped happy ending with your card in his new computer...whatever you want!
He is a gamer and photographer who does occasional video editing. He shares his computer with his fiancé for some light VR gaming and Minecraft.
I have a couple of 4gb 570/580s lying around that I could trade if you need a gpu in exchange. Although I doubt this, so I'll provide timestamps if there is somehow any interest.
Again, this isn't a "make a wish foundation" post or anything, I just want people to know where the card is going and why I'm not offering what I probably normally would for it if it was for me.
Whoever sends me the best offer is going to have one very quick sale. Hope to talk to you in my inbox.

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2021.11.28 23:47 Russo1221 Lf Shiny Dialga Ft Shiny Palkia

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2021.11.28 23:47 No_Instruction_3652 My grandfather (I don't know if the image is in a good resolution)

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2021.11.28 23:47 t0mat0s0up fr tho

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2021.11.28 23:47 retardedpig4774 Stalin killed many who criticized him. All who didn’t deserve it.

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2021.11.28 23:47 i_like_it_here5964 Happy Birthday indeed....

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2021.11.28 23:47 totoropengyou Pompompurin masks! 💕 布丁狗的口罩在 7-11

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2021.11.28 23:47 ThePlasticUncle (follow-up post) after I got annexed by USSR despite beating them I got tagswitched into germany where I could still somehow get achievments.

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2021.11.28 23:47 the-purist Naturalist with a bird familiar

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