2021.10.25 00:13 YaboiMalo 1337

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2021.10.25 00:13 Kindly_Emu8448 Ps4 Have crimson cert fennec and cr Want TW Fennec

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2021.10.25 00:13 averageteencuber I wish that everyone stopped what they are doing and immediately had sex with the closest living person to them.

Let's take the US, as an example. Right now (at the time of me making this comment) on mainland US it's anywhere from 11 pm to 2 am, so most people are at home with their family either asleep or soon to be.
20 million children have sex with their siblings, another 30 million with their parents, and the other 24 million children go to their neighbors' homes. This causes a monumental influx in the number of sex offenders in the US literally overnight. Parents across the country find themselves expecting new, often unwanted offspring. Many elderly people have sex and die of heart attacks or other health complications. Newlyweds and couples without children are largely unaffected, interestingly.
Children, adults, and elderly alike begin to suffer from newfound anxiety, depression, and PTSD due to the experiences they had tonight. Hospitals, mental health institutes, etc. see a 200+% increase in patients before they run out of staff and/or housing, leaving millions with no medical or mental care and driving many of those to extreme measures, such as DIY abortions or even suicide.
The lives of the youngest children have been altered forever, causing stress and strain, possibly tearing families and friendships apart. The ones who live on into adulthood largely stay away from sexual relationships due to their trauma, causing a very noticeable drop in the US's birth rate for about 25 years. It eventually climbs back up, but doesn't return to the original rate for more than half a century.
The economy suffers greatly, as many people are not mentally capable of doing their jobs correctly anymore and either quit or are fired. Thousands of businesses are forced to close, laying off their remaining employees. The homeless rate increases dramatically and streets in some cities are even overrun with homeless people. Several towns even collapse as a whole, and the citizens are forced to begin their lives again somewhere else.
And this is just the US.
It's common consensus that 2020 has been a bad year so far. This wish, though, truly brought it to another level. The entire planet enters a depression not terribly unlike the Great Depression of 1920s USA, but on an incomparable scale. It lasts for decades, and the world doesn't completely return to normal until well past the year 2100.
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2021.10.25 00:13 RLCD-Bot [Pink Octane] [Luster] [Pink Hot Rod] [Pink Nucleon Clutch]

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2021.10.25 00:13 WalkBlessed Made some mango sticky rice for dessert

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2021.10.25 00:13 BrokenCloudz NHL 21 is worth every penny

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2021.10.25 00:13 stevendailyart-f4d https://twitter.com/stevendailyart/status/1452064448710017026?s=21

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2021.10.25 00:13 -There-Is-Only-Zuul- Geforce Now remote play added!

I found out earlier that new world made its way on to GeForce now! GeForce now is free if you haven't heard of it, it let you play your games remotely from steam for free. All you do is link your account. I think it's better than steam link because it doesn't require you to leave your PC running in order to remotely play, you just play it on your phone or whatever via the cloud. I played for a few hours and it worked well. Way better than I was thinking it would. And not just for crafting either. It worked perfectly well for combat and questing. If you're on the go, you should give it a shot!
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2021.10.25 00:13 ygtyyyuuut ?

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2021.10.25 00:13 death_or_die イギリス、新型コロナ新規感染者が週間で7月以来最多 死者数も12%増加

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2021.10.25 00:13 Yur_mummy_lover I need to find out the name of this guitar i apologize for no images of behind the headstock but i just need the name of the guitar

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2021.10.25 00:13 sequence_string Requesting r/bodycon

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2021.10.25 00:13 oxidised_ice Jacob Cornelison

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2021.10.25 00:13 Elena-Lee40 Monday starts off with another busy day of work

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2021.10.25 00:13 abe4489 Was admiring the leaves this afternoon in Portland this afternoon and stumbled on this well preservered Swedish car, what's the model?

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2021.10.25 00:13 detagent The Elites and the Apocalypse

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2021.10.25 00:13 RedditGreenit Halyna Hutchins Death: Cinematographer Remembered During Emotional Vigil

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2021.10.25 00:13 Doodles_sparkles Day 24: Pandora’s Vault

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2021.10.25 00:13 ChoppinNE Offset rims, or a more extensive (expensive) suspension overhaul?

What are opinions on offset rims or spacers vs. more extensive suspension and drive train overhauls for a wider stance on your 4x4?
I'm curious what people's experiences have been with stress on wheel bearings, issues with handling, tire scrub and all that. I've seen some people say spacers / offset rims cause too much wear on components like wheel bearings, and can even be flat out dangerous. Others seem to get along fine with them.
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2021.10.25 00:13 420apexking I liked it :)

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2021.10.25 00:13 YharnamHuntter Looking for earbuds with good sound and bass.

Last year I made the mistake of buying the pixel buds 2. They're good but the connectivity issues ruined everything.
So, right now I want other earbuds and I'm considering this:

Hope you can recommend some.
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2021.10.25 00:13 Any_Taste5749 H:BE flmr W: Je flmr BE laser and BE Assaultron head?

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2021.10.25 00:13 GraboidFarmer What’s your favorite exhibit in the Mystery Shack? For me, it’s got to be the Six Pack O’ Lope

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2021.10.25 00:13 pervasivebarrier Lingering questions from the festival

  1. What was up with “I’ve Got a Feeling” coming on before Phoebe Bridgers’ set?
  2. Wtf was that vocal effect on Julian Casablanca’s voice during Hard to Explain? Sounded like he inhaled a bunch of helium
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2021.10.25 00:13 GQManOfTheYear Does anybody know why I can't morph one of my skills?

I'm trying to morph Spirit Mender, one of my skills. It's also one of my active skills. I leveled that skill up to level 4-the max (shown in the screenshot). The skill line requirement has it at level 30, I have it at level 42 (screenshot). And I have a skill point to use (screenshot). Does anybody know why It's not letting me morph the skill? I thought it was a technical issue so I logged off, ate dinner, came back on and it's still not letting me morph it.
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