Episode question

2021.10.25 01:31 hunt3200 Episode question

There was an episode where Michael had referenced that the brighter a leaf turns when changing colors the harder it was trying to not die, does anyone remember what episode that was from? Any help would be greatly appreciated. It’s been bugging me all day
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2021.10.25 01:31 Arylc Avoiding Methylmethaqualone Dependence

I recently discovered methylmethaqualone and I want to know if there is a safe rule of thumb for avoiding dependence. I only smoke it and I think it has a pretty short half life so I'm not sure dependence is a concern. I finished a benzo taper a couple of years ago and vowed never to go through that monotony again and have been successful in using benzos no more than once a week thereafter. I would greatly appreciate any info on what kind of usage causes withdrawal symptoms.
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2021.10.25 01:31 hattereneisamood WTT NA AR50

You recieve: Hu Tao + Homa! Ayaka + The Black Sword! Kokomi! Keqing + Aquila Favonia! Diluc! Qiqi! Mona! the Primordial Jade Spear!
I recieve: An event 5 star + their BiS + other 5 stars!
I wanna see offers, so I will be very picky, but please don’t hesitate to dm me!
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2021.10.25 01:31 mariedel123 Am I burnout? What do I do?

Hi all, For context I am 16F and my city has been in lockdown for the better part of the year. Basically, I’m currently on medication (lexapro 10mg) for my anxiety and it’s been about 9 weeks since I’ve started. Overall, the medication has been efficient minus a few minor hiccups but these past few days I have felt really off. Exhausted, dissociated and anxious. I have been under quite a bit of pressure at school, lots of homework and exam period is coming up in a little under a month. I guess my question is am I burnout? I feel like I am, and I’ve taken the day off school today and intend to do so for a few more days. I have a meeting set up with my doctor tomorrow to see if we need to increase my dose of lexapro or whether this anxiety and fatigue has been brought on by a burnout. I was on a gentle walk today and my legs entirely felt numb, and quite weak. From the information I’ve provided, does this sound like burnout? I would really appreciate if people could comment their opinions or advice! :)
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2021.10.25 01:31 Evangelion_fan101 Which is better r2 dragons name or r3 white tassel?

I currently want to use this on my hu tao, but idk which one does better damage
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2021.10.25 01:31 Joe_Costa La députée LREM Coralie Dubost agressée à Paris : « On a dû diner dehors, car Deliveroo n’a pas pu nous livrer. Une situation probablement classique pour d’autres Français »

La députée LREM Coralie Dubost agressée à Paris : « On a dû diner dehors, car Deliveroo n’a pas pu nous livrer. Une situation probablement classique pour d’autres Français » submitted by Joe_Costa to Francebbr [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 01:31 Statatalee21 💀💉 NoVax (NVX) 💉💀

💀💉 NoVax (NVX) 💉💀
Site: nov.ax Telegram: t.me/NVXofficial
Pre-sale rounds (3.5bi NVX) 💎 22-24 October 28-31 October
ICO (10bi NVX) 🍾🍾🍾 4 November (Guy Fawkes' day)
INFO Rewards to holders: 6% Burn Tax: 1% Transaction Tax: 1%
📧 Contact Us: info@nov.ax
PRE-SALE link: https://cointool.app/ido/exchange?id=236b2176712555242376772076572677712022252072272b2b21262b51572a232621242b502b2b2657276f2625
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2021.10.25 01:31 anemology___ Took a picture of this silvereye eating grapefruit from my garden

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2021.10.25 01:31 Funny-Childhood-924 Anyone wish their parents aborted them

I keep thinking what would have happened if my parents aborted me. All the resources that were in me would have been put toward their 401k and retirement. They would be free of the burden that is me. I know Im a subhuman fuck who deserves to die. Hopefully god is merciful.
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2021.10.25 01:31 marioforever97 My tier list got removed and I don't get notified

I don't know why...?
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2021.10.25 01:31 Legal_Concern1442 QC? From jieyi moncler maya size 3

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2021.10.25 01:31 Forsaken-Humor3450 Anyone want to snap [m23] [chat]

M23 bored listening to music
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2021.10.25 01:31 ItsToxii those post-withdrawal feels

i think it’s pretty universally agreeable that withdrawals freaking suck. like really really fucking suck so bad. but on the other end of it, it’s so very worth it. went CT off 6mg daily for a month after i relapsed, having been dependent before my tolerance skyrocketed so fast it was unbelievable. kicking it this time was intense too, but since i only used for around a month i think i saved myself a lot of trouble that would have come from continuing. the acute wd was most intense between hours 12-36, during this time i was shaking and puking, had gotten 0 sleep the night prior, and even had my first seizure. i’ve kicked before, but this time was so much more intense. it completely proved my theory of withdrawals getting worse every time you do it again. but on the bright side, i’m now 4 days straight off the shit and i’m actually starting to feel at home in my own skin. the numbness, while it isn’t 100% gone, i can feel things now. everything no longer has the same sensation to my body, i can tell the difference between hot and cold and different fabrics will have a different feeling now. the buzzing in my ears is calmed down a lot now, i still hear static of course but it’s not so mind-warpingly loud anymore. my anxiety has gone way down, to the point where i think i’m honestly less anxious than i was before i messed around again. plus, people tell me i’m nicer now. i didn’t know this shit was turning me into an asshole, but i guess i can see it now. i thought i was gonna be a 4-lifer after i relapsed, but i’m so glad i got clean again. i know it’s hard guys, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel i promise. getting off this shit is 100% worth it
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2021.10.25 01:31 MyHomeOnWhoreIsland Turns out I'm allergic to Spironolactone...

Taking it for a week. I woke up this morning with a red rash ALL OVER ME. Torso, back, upper arms, thighs, neck and even up onto my cheeks and forehead. Allergic reaction. I AM SO ITCHY!
Taking Benadryl and obviously no more spiro for me. Any other suggestions to get over this rash fast?
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2021.10.25 01:31 johnrock001 Anime Girl Names - Top Anime Girl Names With Meaning List

Anime Girl Names - Top Anime Girl Names With Meaning List - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/anime-girl-names/
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2021.10.25 01:31 quantumcryogenics George Knapp & Dr.Colm Kelleher talk about their new book "Skinwalkers at the Pentagon"

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2021.10.25 01:31 TheLittleDuddas Colts have to shore up the PA defense

Tennessee routinely kills us with it and it was still a problem tonight. Fortunately, Jimmy couldn’t throw
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2021.10.25 01:31 unrealgrunt94 Nei?

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2021.10.25 01:31 C12H17N2O4P-- Anyone know what pickups nirvana and other similar bands used [GEAR]

I've recently been listening to alot of Nirvana records and I've really been enjoying thier sound. I've just purchased a cheap squire guitar as a project guitar that I can really customize without having to worry to much about damaging it.
Anyway the first customization I want to make are the pickups, so I want to install a humbucker at the bridge I'm kind of stuck in between the Seymour Duncan JB's, the Dimarzio PAF or super distortion humbuckers . I'm looking for that really heavy muddy sound from songs like "Paper Cuts" or "I hate myself and want to die".
And at the neck I want to install a single coil for clean sounds with a similar sound to songs like "All Apologies", "Heart-Shaped box" or "About a Girl". Unlike the resources on humbuckers I haven't really been able to find a definite answer on which pickups Kurt cobain liked to use for his clean tones. The closest I could come to was an intro video for the Jagstang where he apparently preferred to use "warm sounding fender pickups".
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2021.10.25 01:31 MistyPhantomRBLX NASCAR x Jailbreak Contest Submission

NASCAR x Jailbreak Contest Submission Here is my entry for the NASCAR x Jailbreak skin competition! I had a lot of fun designing the concept, especially the sponsers, and bringing them to life! I hope you guys like it.
Preview of the skin on the car:
Many thanks to @/GestRBLX on Twitter for the amazing render
Texture on the template:
Please do not repost
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2021.10.25 01:31 victorh_ Handmade rock (plaster). Feedback welcome and appreciated

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2021.10.25 01:31 cityforever Poll: Rolling on Itto's banner or saving for future upcoming banners?

As someone who has committed a not insignificant amount of time and resources into Noelle, I'm curious how many among us are spread out among the possible levels of commitment to pull (or not to pull) on Itto's banner.
View Poll
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2021.10.25 01:31 primofixated Stuck trying to hire a developer.

I’m working on my decentralized application that is a marketplace. From the research I’ve done we can’t go the conventional way of getting a bank loan and don’t have a demo of the app since me and my partners don’t really code. We are at a crossroads where we have the idea, white paper, architecture and everything else laid out but no funds to hire a dev and don’t know how to get past this bump in our path. What are some ways you fellow entrepreneurs got past the stage of early funding and got a software/app/product built out?
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2021.10.25 01:31 Po1sonator Seeing a baby skunk almost makes you want one.

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2021.10.25 01:31 johnrock001 Most OP Anime Characters - Strongest Anime Characters

Most OP Anime Characters - Strongest Anime Characters - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/most-op-anime-characters/
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