It seems like Liesel’s Power Flip has innate pierce? Worth it to use armaments/cores and 2nd’s that increases Power Flip damage?

2021.09.23 17:34 RegulusTheHeartOfLeo It seems like Liesel’s Power Flip has innate pierce? Worth it to use armaments/cores and 2nd’s that increases Power Flip damage?

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2021.09.23 17:34 RippleAffect First leg Summer 2021 - What were your top 5?

  1. 8/21 Philly - Just the uniqueness of the show itself - no set break - most songs jammed out deep - that rainbow! - THAT DEW!!! - By far song of the tour.
  2. 9/15 Noblesville - that 1st set - Me & My Uncle through Big Railroad Blues - WOW! That second set - what Bethel should have gotten - take me back to 1969.
  3. 9/18 Chicago - After the ugly night before, picture perfect weather for the tour closer - Opening with Althea! - AYFKM!! - Ending the tour with the way they started it - priceless!
(On a side note, wouldn't it have been mind blowing for the last show of the tour, they would have played the first shows setlist in reverse order - opening with NFA>Death Don't >Wheel and so on ending with Deal>Shakedown, Touch (?) Just sayin')
  1. 9/13 St. Louis - A blues rocker from start to finish!
  2. 9/2 - 9/3 - 9/5 Mansfield / Hartford - Like one long three day show! Opening with Playing - Closing with Playing and throw in there a split Dark Star for good measure.
What are yours?
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2021.09.23 17:34 eatsmyfridge Looking for used crutches

Hi all, sorry if this isn't the right forum. Delete if not. Just putting feelers out.
I got into an accident on my moped on union a couple of days ago, and my knee is really jacked up from it. I can't walk well at all, but I can't afford to take any more time off work to heal. I'm gonna have to purchase crutches at Walmart or cvs, but wanted to see if anyone had an old pair they'd be willing to sell to me so I can save a bit. Money is tight. I have to go back to work tomorrow so I need them asap.
Again, sorry if wrong forum. Any tips on where to look would be appreciated.
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2021.09.23 17:34 Tootu6 The epic battle

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2021.09.23 17:34 ahtaylor13 Just relistened to every Kanye album (in order) over the past two days. Here are my rankings from worst to best.

DISCLAIMER: I am not including collaborative albums like Kids See Ghosts or Watch The Throne...this is strictly a list of Kanye West studio albums.
10. Jesus Is King (6.4/10): I did not DISLIKE this album. I really think Kanye had something going for him on this. Mixing gospel and rap is a recipe for success in the modern age of hip hop...just ask Kenderick Lamar and Childish Gambino. However, I really don't think this album is polished at all. It feels like the album is also quite unfinished. There are so many cliches spread throughout the album, but as always...Kanye finds moments to shine. "Follow God" may be the mainstream track off this record, but GODDAMN it's one of my favorite songs at the moment.
Favorite Track: Follow God
9. 808s and Heartbreak (7.2/10): I feel like I'm going to get A LOT of backlash for this...but I'm going to explain myself on this. 808s is a fun album. This is the first album where I believe Ye actually stepped out of his comfort zone. The heavy auto-tune throughout the album worked nicely on tracks like "Amazing", "Street Light", and "Heartless". However, I do think he went a little overboard with it on this album. He wasn't fully polished with auto-tune until My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and it really does show throughout this album.
Favorite Track: Amazing
8. Donda (7.5/10): OK, so Donda was good, not great. I think there were some absolute BANGERS on this album, but you can't tell me that there wasn't quite a bit of filler. Kanye solidified himself as an amazing drill rapper on "Off The Grid" and I swear to god I felt like I was levitating while listening to "Moon". BUT...this is where I may piss some people off...I think the Part 2s were overall unnecessary. I understand that it may have been difficult for Kanye to pick a specific edit of the song, but using multiple edits of multiple songs seems a bit redundant to me. It was a tad overhyped, but I still have like 9 songs saved off the album so there's that...
Favorite Track: Remote Control
7. Ye (7.7/10): Besides Donda, I feel like Ye is the most devisive Kanye album to date. For some reason, the critics wrote this album off as being too short, lazy, and unfocused...but I think it's the complete opposite. Yes the album is short, but damn does it pack a punch in those 23 minutes. There's a lot to be said, and I feel Kanye portrays his inner feelings and demons in a tasteful manner. And how can Ye be unfocused when it's clearly meant to be a shorter album? I don't understand that logic. For what it is, Ye is really good, and should never have been written off the way it was.
Favorite Track: Violent Crimes
6. Yeezus (7.8/10): I'm going to be honest with you guys, I used to HATE this album. There was a point in my life where I was so hyped for Yeezus to come out...and for some reason it really disappointed me. Yeah, the singles were good, but I felt like it was just way too noisy for me. It felt like absolute confusion and chaos...which is exactly why I grew to love it. This album is a little all over the place, but that's the POINT. Kanye is so abrasive in this album, and so in your face, but it's all done in an organized yet confused sort of way...if that makes any sense at all. Thank god I went back and relistened to this album, because I would've never found a love for it.
Favorite Track: Send It Up
5. The College Dropout (8.0/10): The album that started it all. Kanye really seemed like he was enjoying himself while recording this album. His youth shines so bright in this, and the entirety of the record holds up to today's standards. The second this album dropped, Kanye West left a mark on the rap industry and practically patented his unique style. This is one of those albums that your favorite rapper would keep in his collection to keep inspiring him. Classic, easy to listen to, and legendary.
Favorite Track: Through the Wire
4. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (8.2/10): Whether it's your favorite Ye album or not, I feel like it's unanimously a Top 5 pick. The production quality is probably the best out of any Ye album, and the features are also top tier. I'm not even a Nicki Minaj fan, and this album made me really enjoy her style. I feel like MBDTF combines the best parts of Graduation and 808s to create something unique and different even by Kanye's standards. The Rolling Stone even credited this album as being the best overall record of the DECADE. And how can you mention this album without mentioning Runaway. A toast to you, assholes...
Favorite Track: Runaway
3. Late Registration (8.3/10): Currently, this is the only Ye album I own on vinyl, and it's honestly my most played record I have. Without a second thought, I will go out on a limb and say the first side of this album is one of the best sides of music EVER. It goes, "Wake Up Mr. West", "Heard 'em Say", "Touch the Sky", "Gold Digger", "Skit #1", and finally "Drive Slow." Like Jesus Yeezus, give me a break with these bangers, my ears can't handle the greatness. I do think the middle of the album gets a littel filleresque, but the beginning and end of the album encapsulates peak Kanye.
Favorite Track: Drive Slow
2. The Life of Pablo (8.5/10): This is Kanye's best album of the 2010s, through and through. Although lengthy, every song seems to fit in place perfect. When this came out, I couldn't stop listening to it. This record perfectly exemplified my high school experience, and I associate this album with that time in my life. I'm glad I re-experience this record, it really brought back so much nostalgia. I didn't even realize until yesterday that I had over half the songs saved on my rap playlist...
Favorite Track: No More Parties In LA
1. Graduation (9.1/10): Similarly to TLOP, Graduation really brings me back to a time where life was so much easier. This was the first ever album of Kanye's I ever listened to, and I know the words to every song on this album. Many people say that unlike College Dropout, the production quality really didn't hold up to today's standards, and that may be true. However, that's my reasoning for loving it. I love the throwback, mid-2000s aesthetic that it portrays. "Good Morning" will forever be a staple song for me...I set it as my alarm the day after I graduated college. The first time I woke up to this song, I felt like my life had come full circle. It was at that moment I realized how much of my youth was spent listening to this man. Thank you Kanye, very cool...
Now that that's over, time to rip me apart. What's too high? Too low? Just right? Let me know in the comments you Ye stans...
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2021.09.23 17:34 Outgam3rInvests ViceBeta

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2021.09.23 17:34 djpurity666 Changing upvote and downvote icons doesn't work for me -- Why not?

I have uploaded the icons and wrote the following, and it doesn't work:

.arrow.up { background: url(%%up1%%) no-repeat 0 0; } .arrow.upmod { background: url(%%up2%%) no-repeat 0 0; } .arrow.down { background: url(%%down1%%) no-repeat 0 0; } .arrow.downmod { background: url(%%down2%%) no-repeat 0 0; } 
It compiles when I click save. But then when I look at my sub kratomreports, I don't see any changes to the icons! What am I doing wrong?
I even tried it without the "no-repeat" tag.
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2021.09.23 17:34 xXEVILMONKEYX What's next for /r/MotoNews

Hey guys, Thanks again for tuning into another few series of posts. After a bit of thought I am questioning updating our curated posts on this subreddit. I'm ecstatic about the response to the virtual EICMA and how people really engaged and enjoyed that concept. For reference I was in an accident almost a year ago exactly and might be putting motorcycling behind me. I know first hand the excitement and love for motorcycles that is possible and would be grateful to see that passion around here continue. Either way I will be posting a lot less and hoping people will continue to contribute. If you are looking into my personal projects and fun bike and car builds I still operate my instagram and would be happy for you to swing by. Thanks again guys!
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2021.09.23 17:34 verllar Merino Wool 150 vs 250 durability

Hello, is there noticeable difference in durability of merino wool base layers in 150 and 250?
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2021.09.23 17:34 OneMustDash discord really slow rn or just me

suddenly out of no where browsing discord is being super slow and sometimes my messages even take a long delay to send or not at all
i tried turning on and off hardware acceleration but it didnt solve the issue for me, i even reinstalled the app but same problem

anyone else?
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2021.09.23 17:34 Unbuiltbread How do you smoke wax out of an IQc?

There doesn't seem to be a clear explaination on how to do this on the Davinci website, but maybe I'm stupid.
I see extract refill and dosage pods for sale but it doesnt say how to use them
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2021.09.23 17:34 james33299 Soccer-Italian club Genoa bought by U.S. investment firm 777 Partners

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We are pleased to declare an association with Faraland 🔥. Players in Faraland will actually want to get Unique HoneyFarm In-game Outfits through invigorating adventures!⚔️Disclose the mystery of the nectar on the edges of Lunenburg stronghold in Faraland's coming text game and procure $MOON as the side journey's prize!Allow the Sweetness to fortify you to turn into a genuine hero!🔥
Faraland are exquisitely digital collectibles created using blockchain technology. Each collectible is matchless, genuine and varies in rarity. Faraland Universe has a lot of different races like human, orc, angel, demon, dragonborn, elf and fairy which are waiting for the user to discover.
Last but not least, Faraland is also a multiplayer RPG NFT GAME that lets user engaging in the combat arena and profit from battles

HoneyFarm Finance is a layered delegated yield farming project with deflationary tokenomics of a maximum supply.For Layer 3(honeymoon), HoneyFarm team will focuse on making strategic alliance with several partners through IHO to create wide-range of eco-system that HoneyFarm's native tokens will be used and burned. The team will keep trying to operate Layer 3 better and greater!
For more information about honeyfarm finance
Global Telegram Annoucements:
Global Telegram Chat:
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2021.09.23 17:34 conspiracythierry Todd Bensman of CIS tonight will expose Biden's lies about the Haitians at the border, AMA 9pm ET at r/thedonaldtrump2024

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2021.09.23 17:34 CathleenBurt The Risk of Crypto Investments -

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2021.09.23 17:34 ArcticUrsidae Accurate description of chronic pain

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2021.09.23 17:34 SurpriseCautious8721 Judge rules

There is enough evidence to go to trial. Buckle up, I feel like it’s going to be a wild ride. Hoping for justice for Gannon!
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2021.09.23 17:34 Christy1216 Have you ever seen this cute red panda before ?

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2021.09.23 17:34 codejo These hangers didn’t originally come with my closet. I had to add them.

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2021.09.23 17:34 Roo_19 just stretching out their legs

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2021.09.23 17:34 -RUS92- Hard Skool (Spotify Link)

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2021.09.23 17:34 Njck My Suggestion to ‘fix’ Harbinger Elixirs: Let us toss our used empty bottles at enemies

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2021.09.23 17:34 mysuppstore $5 - CLEARANCE: Ancient Nutrition Keto Protein EXP 09/2019

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2021.09.23 17:34 No_Recognition8113 Need a partner

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2021.09.23 17:34 reggieherman 'Shadowlands' by me

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