Time to hide in bunker

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2021.09.23 17:51 Grouchy_Being_3396 Time to hide in bunker

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2021.09.23 17:51 CallMeJoeDoe Evergrande - wann knallt es und wie stark?

Die chinesischen Behörden bereiten sich wohl auf den Einschlag vor:
Spiegel Artikel
Kommt es zum Kollaps? Wenn ja, wann und wie stark werden die Wellen in welchen Bereichen des Marktes in den USA und in Deutschland zu spüren sein?
Was ist eure Meinung?
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2021.09.23 17:51 PutWaste Could you suggest me a good book to start studying the neuroscience of emotions?

I'd like to read something introductory, so something not too detailed. Something that can help me to be more familiar with the most important cerebral areas and networks.
Thank you!!
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2021.09.23 17:51 jacospades NFT Giveaway! @opensea @jackfromarts - comment like or support me at any platform to participate :3

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2021.09.23 17:51 coreywilkey Continuity error…

Alma was playing a viola in the first episode, but in the last episode Harry calls it a violin.
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2021.09.23 17:51 Taddzy [H] MW M4A4 Poseidon .08 Float [W] AK Gold Arabesque

Buyout AK Gold Arabesque Feel free to add me for discussion
Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197988245670/ Trade link: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffenew/?partner=27979942&token=hyAgn2Vd
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2021.09.23 17:51 CrimsonApostate [thank you] for my first card!!

u/nohumidity I loved the poem you included & the card itself is beautiful! thank you so much!!
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2021.09.23 17:51 Alias402 Best a2 upper

I'm a solgw fan for their attention to detail on specifications. Who makes a quality a2 upper?
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2021.09.23 17:51 AsleepInDreams Gave the Swiss Rolls a go!

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2021.09.23 17:51 portugalhater capybara plate

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2021.09.23 17:51 cats64sonic What revenge of yours hit the victim way worse than you thought it would’ to the point you said “maybe I shouldn’t have done that”?

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2021.09.23 17:51 Innerhype What is that "person" bar next to the volume bar in Android beta 12?

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2021.09.23 17:51 dragobonacich "Nevermind" de Nirvana, el disco que cambió todo y revolucionó el mundo de la música, cumple 30 años y para celebrarlo se publicará una edición Super Deluxe en diferentes formatos. Entérate aquí

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2021.09.23 17:51 dymoslaw9 Add terraria

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2021.09.23 17:51 Tigers51 Guess the Theme

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2021.09.23 17:51 Catilus [OC] [ART] Orelyn, Wizard in a Cute Dress – by Catilus

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2021.09.23 17:51 Sapnu_puas98 I thought it's cringe when people post stuff like this but holy shit I'm happy right now. I'm die thank you forever.

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2021.09.23 17:51 random5421 Funny Call of Duty Warzone Death Chats / Proximity Chat Rage

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2021.09.23 17:51 No_Banana475 What factors make for a good short squeeze?

What factors make a stock good for a short squeeze? The reason I ask is because I’ve been following stitch fix for a while, and the stock has dropped over 50% this year based on predicted performance.
The stock had been trading at 35, and after the earnings report on September 21, the stock jumped to above 40 because it beat estimates for revenues and posted a .19 earnings per share, as opposed to the predicted 13 cent loss.
20% of the stocks float is sold short, roughly about 12 million shares. It would take about 8 days for the short to cover. Would all those factors make stitch fix a good candidate for a short squeeze?
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2021.09.23 17:51 ShizuHladki Brutal mario : What game is this boss from ?...

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2021.09.23 17:51 Ok_Row_5935 Did someone say 14 cent? 🚀🚀🚀

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2021.09.23 17:51 TFVgen Since I got spooked by Nightingale during Summer Musashi's banner, I decided to fix some minor stuff with her sprites that have been bothering me for a while as a little painting exercise.

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2021.09.23 17:51 eraph Polite Armenians with their flags amongst the crazy crowd.

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2021.09.23 17:51 TheRealSteamedHams It looks cool

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2021.09.23 17:51 InevitableFix8283 Beautiful Spread Today

Beautiful Spread Today Hello all! I was just doing a general reading for the day as I usually try to keep a blog or at least tweet about my draws and interpretations as a good form of practice and getting to know the cards better, as I'm not even a full year into my tarot journey. Today's reading was so positive and I thought I would share with everyone here. I'd also like your interpretations below if you want to share, I would love to read!
I used the mini Smith-Waite Centennial Edition and Daily Crystal Inspiration deck by Heather Askinosie. I usually start by shuffling while saying good morning to my decks and asking what the message for the day is for anyone who may read my blog etc.
I usually pull one card at first, but these three cards fell out together (top row) so I feel like they tell a story and each one clarifies the one before it (King of Swords upright) - current state/energy that needs to be exuded: confident, logical and disciplined (Five of Cups rx) - personal growth, things are changing or about to change due to positive focus and perspective - perhaps moving away from the pain/fear of not having enough (The Hierophant rx) - taking a new approach to things, confirmed by Five of Cups rx. Could hint at more creativity and spontaneity, going outside a comfort zone/box
I asked the oracle what these three cards are in reference to and I got Pyrite - Let the money flow in - some kind of reward (financial or other) is on the way!
The Star upright is the significator card. -- I took this to mean this is going to feel like a blessing, or stroke of good karma. No room for doubt in the picture. Whatever it is thats coming, is exactly what you need.
I don't feel comfortable enough yet to do purely financial readings but I just really felt like this was telling me a bag is on the way for someone. It might even be things going on behind the scenes, maybe people considering others for promotions at work, or job applications. I also felt this reading was the embrace of change and calling on new creative pursuits and maybe going out the box a bit paying off in some kind of way. I know this time of the month can bring a payday as well. I appreciated the symmetry of the King of Swords and the Hierophant rx, (it gave me The Magician vibes!) and two fives being present made me feel this was all balanced.. The Star being present as well felt divine! This might be one of my most auspicious pulls in a while! What do you think?
(post was previously deleted cuz i broke a rule, i hope its alright this time. thank you mods for answering my questions!)
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