2021.09.23 15:52 sasanka98 LOOD

LOOD #Cryptocurrency #NSFW #XXX #Cryptocurrencies #Blockckain Project looks upcoming, white paper is transparent and the community that promote this project is increasing fast, read roadmap and find out more
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2021.09.23 15:52 jamesp2121 ChargePoint Help

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2021.09.23 15:52 zaheenhafzer Popular iPhone apps are using sneaky techniques to identify you even if you say no to tracking

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2021.09.23 15:52 FunSad1166 $200 Beauty GCs + Eucalptus Sheets + Cleaning Bundle + Brightly Shop GC (10/3/2021) {US}

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2021.09.23 15:52 FeedbackNatural9752 [H] GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Gaming OC PRO 8G (REV3.0) Graphics Card, 3X WINDFORCE Fans, LHR, 8GB 256-bit GDDR6, GV-N306TGAMINGOC PRO-8GD R3 Video Card [W] 900 cash in Brooklyn

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2021.09.23 15:52 tahwraoyw540 Is there any way, other than joining societies, to make friends if i don’t drink, commute to uni, and have a curfew?

I am planning on joining societies but what else could i do?
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2021.09.23 15:52 DavidKlaussFrancois This is fucking hilarious.

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2021.09.23 15:52 TwitchKidOnTheBlock Streaming-News - es ist viel los auf Twitch

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2021.09.23 15:52 Gabriele_bau i have a Delcatty id: 1664 7623 4144

1664 7623 4144
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2021.09.23 15:52 ReelSteele27 No matter what happens today, Smash Ultimate is a far better game than we would’ve dared hope for only a few years ago

If the final character reveal (assuming that even happens today) turns out to be a flop, it doesn’t change the fact that smash ultimate is still an absolutely incredible video game that Sakurai and his team worked very hard to give us. I would argue it’s the greatest smash game ever made, though I know many would disagree. Regardless, let’s be kind and grateful today if we aren’t a fan of the character reveal. 🙂 We’ve been given a lot of amazing surprises the past few years.
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2021.09.23 15:52 jarettzyc This is my girl crush, her body is beyond perfect. I wonder who her surgeon is and what she has done😍

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2021.09.23 15:52 Lonely_Antelope8099 When you do a sick combo off stage and fall lol

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2021.09.23 15:52 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 15:52 joshuagraham666 Easy walking trails for a fat person to lose weight within or near Carson City?

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2021.09.23 15:52 MattTheQuick Anyone happen to see a presale code for AEW Dynamite in KC?

Presale starts in an hour and for some reason I've not seen a code anywhere in my inbox or on social media.
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2021.09.23 15:52 Clutch333 Playboi Carti Radio

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2021.09.23 15:52 teddybaresall What happened on the 24th of September in 1180, 1869 & 2021?

A Byzantinian empires’ demise, a Black Friday and …..
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2021.09.23 15:52 funkycoldmedinas Can we all agree that Jose sucks?

Collectively I think we can now all agree that the man is awful. I will be the first to admit, I thought he was just a quirky weirdo with his credit score lingo and his obsession w finances. We all have a tightwad in our lives, in some cases it’s us. They can be a little outside the box. However, I never in a million years imagined what we saw last night. Lifetime def didn’t blow the episode in the previews on that one! Holy balls—Jose is a monster dude! He’s downright evil!

  1. He gets irate for her calling him Johnny....I mean come on that’s laughable, especially since they have been doing so well. Zero reason for him together so upset.
  2. He starts showing violent tendencies and controlling behavior. Telling someone to “Go!” “Get Out!” are telling signs of how he views a partnership and how finances help him control the dependency on him. It was such an ewww moment. It made my skin crawl. I posted this in the live thread but it’s worth repeating—never give up your bank account or job for a man, this is exactly why!!!
  3. He locks her out of the apartment. Zero regard for her safety, zero concerns on where she is sleeping. What kinds of “man” does that? No human should treat a partner like that. He’s a piece of shit.
  4. He doubles down the next day instead of profusely apologizing and gets mad at HER for being upset—-classic narcissistic behavior. He was even smirking and taunting her with his body language.
I honestly would not blame Rachel one bit for being done here. Once you see those signs in someone you simply lose respect. He doesn’t really care about anyone but himself, that is very clear. This would be very hard to bounce back from. She deserve better.
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2021.09.23 15:52 princegb En Garde

STATUS: active
If you leave a message while I’m away I will connect with you when I get back.
Hello Citizens of Candy Kingdom!
I want to make a confession today. I have been always jealous of Wally’s luck. How did he get a Ralts encounter on his first try when it was a 5% spawn? That’s just not fair. Today, I’m adopting out 163 Hidden Ability Ralts. You can stare at them and be jelly of Wally’s luck too.
I still have some leftovers from my previous adoption attempts too! Most have egg moves.
A list of the pokemon can be found here.
You can adopt up to 5 pokemon per request. If you would like more, please post a second request after I fill your first one. Please note that at least 1 other person needs to post in between your requests so that everyone can get a chance. You can post as many requests as you are willing to wait for me to fill.
To adopt, please post your In Game Name, Link Code, and which ones you are interested in.
Since this is now my 93rd giveaway in this series, please (please please!) list your pokemon in the same ball order I use, which is: Fast, Friend, Heavy, Level, Love, Lure, Moon, Beast, Dream, Safari, Sport. I organize these adoptees in boxes by ball, not by pokemon so it’s best you list them by ball, not by pokemon.

Bonnie; 1234-4321; Fast: caterpie, pontya, Heavy: Ponyta.
I will let you know when I am searching.
Please do not trade back pokemon that are the same species as what you are requesting, eggs, pokemon that evolve when traded, mythical pokemon, shiny pokemon, legendary pokemon. Thanks!
I will be sending from IGN Simon.
You can only adopt one of each ball combo. For example, you can have a lure and love pontya but not 2 lure pontyas.
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2021.09.23 15:52 itwaht SLA Credits

Hi all - I'm desperate for some kind of option here and don't know where to turn. Earlier this year, a Microsoft incident took down much of the Office 365 platform ( MO244568 ) - We jumped through all the hoops for MONTHS to get our SLA credit and finally it was awarded. However the amount was miniscule in comparison to the 25% it should have been for breaching the 99.9% SLA. Here we are 6 months later and they won't budge. The latest response we received from Microsoft was that this was only an issue with Teams and so they only credited a pro-rated portion for Teams outage. As anyone who was around in March knows, this is blatantly untrue, and they even provided an incident report showing that it indeed affected many Office 365 services. Microsoft is standing firm in denying the full SLA credit.
I know there are a lot of really trustworthy Microsoft employees on this subreddit - do any of you have some advice?
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2021.09.23 15:52 sibi2003 Gratis 10€

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2021.09.23 15:52 Acceptable-Sort-8429 The SEC bullied coinbase into dropping their 4% interest lending product. At least Americans can still earn 0.001% on their banks savings account!

Coinbase will not be launching its crypto lending product called Lend after the Securities and Exchange Commission threatened to sue the crypto exchange. The SEC sent the company a Wells notice that indicated it would sue the company if it launched the product. Lend allows users to lend their crypto holdings back to the exchange for higher interest rates than traditional savings accounts offer.
source; Following SEC lawsuit threat, Coinbase cancels launch of ‘Lend’ product
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2021.09.23 15:52 JoshBeck71 Crystals Rock

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2021.09.23 15:52 Leylakrs173 <3

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2021.09.23 15:52 DEL994 Other than the Hound, what kind of special Grimm may we see in the future ?

Aside from the Hound who was far stronger, smarter than other Grimm and had the capacity to talk and shapeshift to a limited degree, such as to change the disposition of its arms or grow wings, what other kind of special Grimm resulting of Salem's experiments might we see in the future ?
I personally could see at least one creature of Grimm with shapeshifting abilities, able of taking and changing any shape or form for infiltration, offensive or defensive purpose.
Or another kind of spectre Grimm similar to the Geist but far smarter and more powerful, maybe who can possess dead bodies or machines or control the environnement to a greater degree and smarter than Geists.
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