Good morning

2021.09.23 15:51 ComfortableStill2678 Good morning

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2021.09.23 15:51 Falkarr 2017 Macbook Pro, installed an update, restarted machine, now Safari is broken (white screen with nothing else, not even the navigation bar).

So basically I installed an update, some small one. My machine restarted (was on Microsoft's one note website when this happened). When I logged back in, safari was stuck at one note and I couldn't refresh, but otherwise safari was normal looking.
Closed out of safari, rebooted again, and now when I click on Safari in my dock, it will open Safari as far as getting the menu on top to show safari is open, but nothing opens. Trying to create a new window works as Safari will display multiple 'start page' windows for as many times as I've clicked it, but nothing actually shows. I've tried 'show all windows' but then it just says 'no available windows'.

I've forced quit Safari but nothing works. At best I can only get a blank white screen from top to bottom, no URL babookmarks etc. Can't open Safari preferences.

As far as I can tell there's nothing else wrong with the machine, just safari.

I went to install chrome off the App Store but I can't find it. Currently on latest version of Catalina, moving over to Big Sur to see if that helps. No external displays are connected. I'm typing this from my other iMac.
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2021.09.23 15:51 littleshopofalchemy Offering readings today

Please send me a chat or comment below for a reading (:
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2021.09.23 15:51 DojoDucky Writing to hone my thoughts.

G'day fellow Chads.
I have recently purchased a cheap fountain pen and I am loving it. I had no idea how powerful writing my thoughts could be and it helped me collect my thoughts and consider what I want do with my life. It's been a month now and I've almost written 200 pages back to back of an old A5 notebook.
I used to not write much outside of study/ work but now I whip out my pen whenever I get the chance to. I will help my fellow mates express their thoughts through writing. I feel like an artist with a nice brush and canvas.
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2021.09.23 15:51 tofumage My own Tierlist :D

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2021.09.23 15:51 Willyska AGA / seborrheic dermatitis hairloss / TE

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2021.09.23 15:51 WorkplaceOrganizing Join the National Education Association on Friday, September 24, to hear from Jamal Bowman about a Green New Deal for Public Schools

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2021.09.23 15:51 AceTrnrAD1 Mesprit raid on me, accepting first 4 4514 1235 4026

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2021.09.23 15:51 Maker-of-the-Things Did anyone else's babies/toddlers sleep like crap last night?

I dont know what the heck was going on.. our 14mo and 2.5yo kept waking up last night. I swear every hour. I'm not normally into astrology or anything but if anyone else's littles weren't sleeping, I wonder if there was something going on last night.
It's not unusual for them to wake once or twice during the night but not all night!
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2021.09.23 15:51 areyoudigginme Dangerous Monster Wood Cutting Machines Working || Fastest Firewood Pr...

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2021.09.23 15:51 Evanamore Is it okay to leave a homepod off?

I might be required to stay somewhere away from my home because of work and I don't really want to bring my homepod mini. Is it okay to just leave it off for like 6 months?
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2021.09.23 15:51 scourge_17 [Mobius] Tutorial - Honkai Impact 3rd

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2021.09.23 15:51 ShortAlgo $U waiting for Short signal on U

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2021.09.23 15:51 Investomatic- Sharing a response from YT board in response to bears citing secondary funding dilution and cash on hand

In response to Tyrone's post regarding dilutive capital and cash on hand which he will delete when someone posts a response, cuz that's how he rolls:
You need to stop espousing fears of dilution at this stage of a turnaround because the actual levels of dilution you cite from the past 12 months have already impacted short term share price. You are also still eyeing the investment financing through the lens of a bank legal industry. You consistently fail to speak to the power of dilution to generate shareholder value through those secondary offerings. Startup in a nacent industry is expensive but the power of secondary offerings is well proven... Biotech for example as an industry can point to Viking Therapeutics VKTX or Madrigal MDGL as prime examples.
Next are his concerns about cash on hand... See previous paragraphs, and let's not forget the AWS deal. Cash is not an issue for that reason and because Tom is smart and planned the expansion based on cash on hand, not future investment. Recent investment should only be thought of as gasoline being thrown on a small fire.
Profitability is just a matter of time.
Thanks for reading. Have a good day.
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2021.09.23 15:51 Death-to-anti-think Exh-Enî Söph (1st Passage – Exiled from Sanity)

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2021.09.23 15:51 ShortAlgo $TEVA waiting for Buy signal on TEVA

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2021.09.23 15:51 Stanley_101 Please share your opinion on it. I'm curious what you think about it.

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2021.09.23 15:51 Apstem 9 of my friends enter recruiting hell w/ me...

I applied for an entry level, front desk job, in a quiet office. I should have been warned immediately by the title of the position.. "director of first impressions" ( I mean Jesus Christ, that's fucking sad lol). So far, I've spent over 4 hours in "interviews" there, where the recruiter asks me countless professional and personal questions, which I of course I bull shit and schmooze, like ALL POTENTIAL EMPLOYEES do, to make myself sound like the unicorn they are obviously looking for. Anyway the best part is that she asked me for 3 references and advised we that they would ask those 3 referrals to reach give another reference.. but wait, there's more. She asked the sending set of 3 references for ANOTHER REF!!!! That's 9 people that they want to speak to in order to determine that I am a competent little receptionist. Wait there's more!! Lol.. When calling the refs, they ask for 10 minutes of their time!! How is anyone supposed to find every level work (for which we have years of experience), with the standards of these employers!? This is one position I'm looking forward to turning down.. But I find this is common in my job hunt. Endless culture and personality assessments, several interviews going on for weeks, potential employers asking personal questions and requesting my "life story." They are complaining about needing staff, but will only hire a unicorn.
I read one article where a woman is a recruiter for a large restaurant chain that needs staff, badly. She complained that half of her recruits had to be eliminated due to drug test and criminal background results. I guess they don't want pot heads running food to tables, or girls with an old DUI serving their guests....
To employers I say, good luck finding your perfect unicorns for these so called entry level positions. And next time you're overworked and tired from being understaffed, just remind yourself that at least you don't have any imperfect, real or middle aged people working under you. God forbid you gave someone a chance based solely on education and experience...
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2021.09.23 15:51 StockxProservice Excuse me, among these AJ4s, which one is the style you are wearing now?🧐🧐SP batches can provide you with the perfect batch. Stockxpro is worth having!🔥🔥US6-US13

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2021.09.23 15:51 Kingusha23 XDIAMOND question

Hi, is it still possible to buy XDIAMOND, it says that it ended in epoch 275, does the address for sending 15 ADA still work?
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2021.09.23 15:51 nouseforaname836 Guess it's time to set a new goal

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2021.09.23 15:51 ShortAlgo $TEL waiting for Short signal on TEL

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2021.09.23 15:51 SzegedNewsBotka Régóta vártak erre Szegeden: nézők előtt nyertek a BL-ben a kézisek

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2021.09.23 15:51 Mariaoia i dont wanna

post anymore bc i dont like the word maraioia all over idk here
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2021.09.23 15:51 DanteRageWolfington A Theory behind the Hive

So, I love lore, and I love figuring out lore in games like Destiny, where they don't just HAND you everything, where you have to look for it or read it online. Now, that said, they also have TONS of scrapped or back-burner content that current either don't have a use, don't have lore behind it yet, or has yet to be revealed in the current plans. These reasons give plenty of room for fan theories and fan concepts, which some companies will even integrate into their lore if it fits and expands the lore in the right kind of direction (I don't know if Bungie has done this before)!
So I recently found out that, in the Art Book for Destiny 1, there was an AMAZING concept for a race of Moth-like creatures; a name hasn't been given to this race as of yet. However, after thinking about it, this wasn't the last we saw of this race; we have seen one of them very recently, yet, they don't look like the once beautiful race they used to be. I am speaking about Savathûn; her wings are that of a moth, but the rest of her body looks rough, possibly a bit decrepit; after a bit more research into the origins of the Hive, this is easily explained!
Wikipedia calls their original form the Proto-Hive; their race was nearing total extinction due to a prophesied celestial event happening to the planet they now called home (which is not their original homeworld). To save their race, they had to make a deal with one of two beings that said they would see a new future; the Traveler, which promised salvation through shared suffrage and a strong revival, of the Worm Gods, whom promised salvation through sear power that would allow them to seize their own future however they saw fit!
The Proto-Hive, who were offered the deals, were the original forms of the three Hive Gods, then known as Xi-Ro, Sathona, and Aurash, decided to take the Pact offered by the Worm Gods; they felt the Traveler was wrong for wanting to make them suffer to see a brighter future! They took on new forms after accepting the larvae given (by the Worm Gods) to them into their bodies, Xi-Ro became Xivu Arath, the God of War, Sathona became Savathûn, the Witch Queen, and Aurash became Auryx, the King of the Hive.
Now, I've mostly told known stuff currently, but as I said, I believe that the Proto-Hive, was the Moth race that they made in conception, and I wish to impart what I believe to be an excellent name for the race. I came up with this name in about 30 minutes of thought, but I wanted it to be a culture-based name that wasn't something super complex but sounded like it fit into the universe quite well.
Thus I dub the Proto-Hive the Sundarkeet (Soon - Dar - Keet), a combination of the Hindi words Sundar, meaning Beautiful, and Keet, meaning Moth; while I'm at it, if any of the Sundarkeet were still around, they would likely refer to the Hive as Ghaatakkeet (Gah - Ta - Keet), a combination of the Hindi words Ghaatak, meaning Deathly, and again Keet!
These were just my thoughts, but I would love it if nothing else; I'm not far off about the Moth race being who the Proto-Hive were, but I do love the names I came up with for them and what they would call the Hive. I won't hold my breath though for Bungie even to see this post at all, let alone incorporate my names into the game!
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