Is this a tomato plant? I planted some tomato seeds and the other ones have grown to about three feet tall while this one looks different and it’s only about 6 inches tall.

2021.09.23 15:57 LividFisherman3 Is this a tomato plant? I planted some tomato seeds and the other ones have grown to about three feet tall while this one looks different and it’s only about 6 inches tall.

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2021.09.23 15:57 PhysicalMe Photo from shiny for my brother apes before it gets added to the stack. Another 100 oz off the market 🦍🪙🚀

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2021.09.23 15:57 Imperioclose GRUPO TELEGRAM

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2021.09.23 15:57 XoXoxFarhan That's accurate....

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2021.09.23 15:57 pollylover1 Testing

Am I banned?
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2021.09.23 15:57 Guilherme_1988_ Panda dome is disabling the protection and enabling all time

Its strange, it takes some minutes and suddenly the protection disables. Wait some minutes and the protection is on again.
I need free AVs recommendations. I don´t use Windows 10 so i really need a good AV.
I use a Windows 7 with ESU updates (i use Pro version so i can buy the updates).
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2021.09.23 15:57 matthew_riner G17L Slide Help!!!

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2021.09.23 15:57 Szlejer Akra Carbon: baffle/db-killer in and out

I was perfectly satisfied with my Akrapovic Carbon system, but purely out of curiosity I removed the db-killebaffle at the 12k (20k km) maintenance. Bike has no tune except for a fueling booster. My purely scientific findings:
Baffle in -Just about PERFECT sound level, great, but not too loud -Nice tone, pleasantly varies with RPM -Nice decel popping noise -Quickshifts sound great -Great overall performance
Baffle out -Loud (without earplugs, "you'll get hearing damage on your right ear" kinda loud.) -A bit thicker, lower rumbling tone -Sounds more flat over the rev range -Kinda annoying droning noise at certain gears/rpms -Quickshifts still sound great -GLORIOUS gurgling, popping, decel noise -Less power at the lower-end
My recommendation: stock baffle in, or a modified (shorter) baffle to have best of both worlds. With baffle out and a set of decent earplugs in, you miss the real show anyway. The other option is embracing hearing damage for badass points.
I will leave the baffle out for a few weeks for more highly scientific findings...
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2021.09.23 15:57 deedunksdonuts I need help! UTI PAIN FOR A WHOLE MONTH, Results Negative. Blood in Urine. I need relief and advice. ASAP

Hi ladies. (23, F) So I have chronic UTIs. Been having them a few times a year ever since I was 8 years old. Around 14-18 they stopped but then came back again and just kinda dealt with it by taking D-Mannose, drinking Dandelion tea, drinking water and peeing a lot. It was nothing I wasn’t used to.
Well this year, they’ve come back even worse. I get them once to twice a month on the usual for whatever reason but they are not severe. Well in August I got the WORST UTI since I was a kid. I was on the toilet for 9 hours (yes I counted) No pain medication was helping like cystex, advil etc etc. I needed to pee every 5 seconds with horrible burning afterwards. Then I started peeing blood. Like a lot but then it stopped after three days BUT the pain was still there as if I still have a Uti.
I rushed to the doctor on Monday to get tests done to get antibiotics but guess what the results came back NEGATIVE!!! I was shocked. They found a yeast infection which I already knew about and was treating with boric acid. But the UTI was nonexistent even though the pain and the symptoms like a cloudy pee, burning, urge to pee was identical.
They did find out I have excess Androgen production and made me get CT scans which found cysts on both ovaries. I then went to another doctor who has a background of urology and told her about the pain and she said it could be pressure from the cysts.
After a month of hell going doctor to doctor to get referral after referral I finally went to a gyno due to the cyst and the assumption it was causing the pain. And they said I could have PCOS (which i have two other appointments for test and resolution) but also directed me to a Urologist for the UTI pain. Which now I have to wait until late October to diagnose so now I’m going to be suffering for up to three months. & My last urine test was a few days ago and they did find blood. But results were negative.
I’m at a major loss. I can’t drink wine, can’t have sex, can’t be far from a toilet, major pressure on my bladder, constantly feel like i’m going to have burning pain when I pee. It literally feels like i’m starting to get ptsd every time i even think about even needing to pee. I take Probiotics 100 billion cpu everyday, Peppermint tea supplements everyday, Just bought Uri Versa, Take D-Mannose everyday and cystex just in case when I feel something more severe might come. I feel like i’m hell.
On top of all the other pain. The new back pain from this is unreal. Like it hurts to sit, stand. I sleep with a heating blanket on my back on full high and sit in my car with the seat heaters on full high despite it being 100 degrees outside here in Florida.
I JUST DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO. Can anyone give me advice or any suggestions
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2021.09.23 15:57 hifiveti Mom of the year!

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2021.09.23 15:57 Dontrespondcrybaby ATER & BBIG are getting bullied 🥴📉

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2021.09.23 15:57 egyptianpokemonfan That Time I got Reincarnated As An Ogre

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2021.09.23 15:57 Thetruthh2 The good thing about ROCK BOTTOM

This can be the life changing situation of something great. This can be the fresh new start of a new and better you. Lets be great.
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2021.09.23 15:57 Someokeyboi That was 2 years ago

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2021.09.23 15:57 zombieflash43 More Origin ideas


+if someone hits you, you get 1 min. of speed 2 while manhunt music plays
+every picaxe you craft instantly gets fortune 3

-when you spawn for the first time in a new world, you start off with half a heart, and need to heal it back

+/-the food bar works the opposite way, if you stand still or walk it runs out but if you run it doesn't


+if you hit someone and then press G, you will turn into that person, with the same skin and nametag as them
+if you press G again, you turn back to normal

secondary ability:
+if you press H, you place a vent below you(wich is unbreakable), and if you have 2 vents placed, pressing shift will allow you to teleport from one to another(you always teleport to the closest one)

-you don't have a food bar, instead, you need to kill things to regenerate health, and if you don't kill something every 10 minutes, you get poison, nausea and slowness effects


+you can run exaggeratedly fast
+while sprinting, you deal double the damage

-you permanently have 1hp
-sprinting wastes your food bar faster
-if you wear armor, you can't run as fast

+/-if you're holding any item and you get hit, instead of losing your 1hp, you drop all items on your inventory
+no one except you can pick up the fallen items
-in 10 seconds, the items disappear
+after getting hit, you get 5 seconds of invincibility

suction cup man:(joke origin)

ability 1: suction cups
+you can climb up blocks, just like a spider

ability 2: look at me go!!
+you don't receive fall damage

ability 3: you can't kill suction cup man!!
+if you hp reaches 0 hearts, you don't die, you instead get full health back and get transported into the nether
-you DO need to find your way into the overworld

an unknown being who has the power to travel through dimensions, has conquered multiple and is now heading to a dimension called 'the overworld'

ability: dimension warp
+when pressing G, you open a tab that lets you select between the three minectaft dimension, overworld, nether, end
+if you select one, you travel to the dimension equivalent of the place you were in the last dimension
+since you have conquered both the nether and end those dimensions give you abilities while inside of them
(only get specific abilities when inside of those dimensions, not outside of them):

+fire immunity
+all nether mobs are passive to you and help you in fights, similar to dogs
+can sleep in the nether

+flight(as in creative)
+you don't recive damage by the void
+all end mobs are passive to you and help you in fights, similar to dogs
+can sleep in the end

but, since you're new to the overworld, this dimension gives you negative effects:
-slowness 2
-weakness 2
-nausea (only if you spend more than 10 min. in this overworld)
-bed blowns up

if you crouch while selecting a dimension, you can send every mob/player located in the same chunk as you,
but if you leave the dimension, they leave too, so you cannot trap the in a dimension
(players don't have your dimension 'advantages' when they come with you)
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2021.09.23 15:57 bjarme [TOMT][SHORT ANIMATION] The grim reaper took someone and then it decided to pet the cat that belonged to the person it just took and involuntarily killed the cat too with its deadly touch.

Length. Under five minutes.
I think it wasn't anime but western animation.
It could have been black & white.
It's could have been a Facebook video.
It was upbeat and positive, despite the story elements.
After the the grim reaper first killed the cat, the animal came back to life because cats have nine lives but the reaper kept killing it accidentally (?) until all the nine lives were used up and then the reaper and the spirit of the cat could both enjoy the petting without having to worry about anything. It had a happy ending.
It's not this one:
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2021.09.23 15:57 johnnyischeese Not a popular conversation but. What if John Carpenter stuck with his idea of an anthology series for Halloween?

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2021.09.23 15:57 beampjotr 0AntN - YT Channel for Experimental Electronic Music and Experimental Club Music

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2021.09.23 15:57 Puzzleheaded-Bit-884 I wanna record music

Hey I've been writing songs and I wanna post one on soundcloud but problem is I got no confidence to rap when my family at the house I'm scared they gon laugh and tell everyone how do i step up with some confidence and rap like nobody there
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2021.09.23 15:57 Pretty_Commercial449 I can’t add anymore people to my security circle

I have 5 people that I’ve added to my security circle plus the person that directed me to pi. But every time I try to add a new person, it says that they’re not a member on the pi network even tho it has the green pi sign next to their contact. Is this happening to anybody else? And how can I fix this problem ?
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2021.09.23 15:57 MrJackMcGee Martin Gore - Counterfeit EP
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2021.09.23 15:57 SpaceShiba_35476 Fanmade cards for KARDS: M3 Half-Track and their brothers (+ M3 meme)

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2021.09.23 15:57 Due-Schedule1823 hi

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2021.09.23 15:57 stevenc94 What do you guys think to spread patterns in shooters?

I get why people enjoy having a spread pattern. It gives them something to learn and something to master. Giving more skillful players a skill gap.
Despite sometimes learning spread patterns in some games i'm just not a fan and try to avoid doing so. Learning spread patterns for me is just a way of saying "no more burst fire/single firing for accuracy" which i hate. The point to burst firing and single firing is to increase accuracy while lowering your DPS. However mastering a spread pattern means you no longer need to make that choice. You simply just move your mouse to the pattern and you hit every shot. On top of this you see all the time in games single shot rifles never get used because of this.
It's a hard thing to master so i'm not at all saying its broken when games have it. I just personally would prefer random spread when firing. Just think it gives a more organic feel.
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2021.09.23 15:57 brendan_07 My dentist gives me a new toothbrush every check up which is nice because I save them for when a lady stays the night.

So far I have about a dozen of them saved up.
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